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Federal Crimes

If you are arrested and charged with any federal crime, speak with an experienced lawyer immediately.  Juni S. Ganguli is an experienced attorney who regularly practices in the federal courts.

What is a Federal Crime?

Any offense committed against the United States of America is a federal crime. The array of potential crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction is vast. Common federal crimes include cocaine trafficking offenses, mail fraud and unlawful possession of firearms.

How Do I Know if I am Investigated for a Federal Crime?

In many cases, federal agents with the applicable investigative bureau – for example, the DEA or FBI – will arrive unannounced at a person’s home or business in an attempt to speak with him. Anything a person says during this initial meeting may be used against him in court. Agents also
may seize records during this meeting.

In other instances, the investigative bureau may mail a letter to an individual asking to speak with him. This letter, known as a “target letter,” obviously is a clear indicator that the person’s activities are being investigated and monitored by that investigative bureau.

What Should I Do If I Am Being Investigated?

Do not delay in speaking with an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you are being investigated by any federal agency. Hiring an experienced lawyer will be the best decision that you can make in this situation.

Your lawyer will be able to speak with the federal prosecutor in charge of the investigation. The earlier you hire counsel, the more favorable the outcome. Through discussions with the prosecutor, it may be possible for you to cooperate with the investigation and avoid indictment altogether. In the event that you are charged with a federal offense, cooperation with law enforcement may lead to reduced charges being filed and a more favorable result at sentencing.

What Happens if I Am Arrested for a Federal Offense?

After a person is arrested, the presiding magistrate decides whether to set bond and the conditions of release. Whether bail is set is a factor of several issues – including a person’s criminal history, his ties to the community and the offense with which he is charged. Once bail is posted, contact us. Even if you cannot post bail, ask a relative to contact us.

Do I Need Legal Assistance if I Am Charged With A Federal Offense?