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Sex Crimes

If you are arrested and charged with any sex crime, speak with an experienced lawyer immediately.

What is a Sex Crime?

Sex crimes are those that are committed for sexual gratification. Sex offenses are prosecuted in either the state or federal courts.

Sex offenses vary. They include rape of a child, rape, and sexual battery. Sex offenses that are prosecuted in federal court are generally offenses committed by computer – distribution of child pornography, for example.

What Should I Do if I Am Investigated for a Sex Crime?

As part of their investigations, police officers often ask potential defendants to speak with them regarding allegations made by victims. Do not speak with an officer alone and without counsel. Whatever a person says may be misinterpreted by officers.

What Happens if I Am Arrested for a Sex Crime?

After a person is arrested for a sex crime in state court, the presiding judge sets bond and the conditions of release. The amount of bail that will be set is a factor of several issues. These include a person’s criminal history, his ties to the community and the type of offense with which he is charged. Non-parolable sex crimes – which include rape of a child and aggravated rape – are more serious than virtually any other offenses. Bail is therefore higher in these cases.

A significant factor specific to the bail set in sex crimes is the presence of DNA. If DNA is not present, the prosecution’s case is not as strong as it otherwise would be. We seek to demonstrate that – and other weaknesses of the case – to the Court in order to gain a reduced bond.

Once bail is posted, contact us. Even if you cannot post bail, ask a relative to contact us. Do not plead guilty to any theft offense without speaking to a lawyer.

Do I Need Legal Assistance if I Am Charged With a Sex Crime?

Do not plead guilty to any sex crime without counsel. A plea to many sex offenses will require an individual to register as an offender and undergo lifetime supervision. We regularly are able to negotiate settlements in sex crimes that result in reduced charges for our clients in both Tennessee and Mississippi.

Conviction of any form of sex crime is a permanent bar to naturalization. We have represented successfully many individuals whose immigration status depended on our ability to achieve favorable settlements in sex crimes.