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Theft Crimes

If you are arrested and charged with theft, speak with an experienced lawyer immediately.

What Are Theft Crimes?

Theft is exercising control of property with the intent to deprive the owner of it. Theft crimes can either be classified as felonies or misdemeanors. The distinction is the value of the amount taken. If the amount is in excess of $500, defendants are charged with felony theft. Theft offenses are prosecuted in either the state or federal courts.

Theft offenses vary. They include shoplifting, fraudulent use of credit card, passing worthless checks, auto theft and identity theft.

What Happens if I Am Arrested for Theft?

After a person is arrested for theft, the presiding judge sets bond and the conditions of release. The amount of bail that will be set is a factor of several issues. These include a person’s criminal history, his ties to the community and the type of theft offense with which he is charged. Felony theft – which includes identity theft – is more serious than other fraud offenses. Bail is therefore higher in these cases. We seek to secure clients’ release through their own recognizance – which saves them from having to post bail through a bonding company.

A significant factor specific to theft offenses is restitution. If clients accept responsibility for theft, we seek to negotiate dismissal of charges through immediate payment of restitution. A person’s willingness and ability to pay restitution rapidly may increase his chances for dismissal
of charges.

Once bail is posted, contact us. Even if you cannot post bail, ask a relative to contact us. Do not plead guilty to any theft offense without speaking to a lawyer.

Do I Need Legal Assistance if I Am Charged With a Theft Crime?

Do not plead guilty to any theft offense without counsel. We regularly are able to negotiate settlements in theft cases that result in reduced charges for our clients in both Tennessee and Mississippi. In many theft and fraud cases, there are options available that entail paying restitution and then dismissal of all charges. We therefore are able to obtain settlements that result in dismissals for our clients.

A guilty plea to any theft offense has severe immigration consequences. Conviction of any theft offense is a permanent bar to naturalization. We have represented successfully many individuals whose immigration status depended on our ability to achieve favorable settlements in theft cases.